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Article #23  Date Entered: 01-10-2012
Dear Clients,

Secure www.YourName.JP.NET today!

You are exclusively invited to register domains for your trademarks using the new Japanese .JP.NET domain name before it is made generally available.

Take advantage of this once-only opportunity to protect your trademark and expand your business in the worlds third largest economy.

Hurry, this offer is available until February 17th, 2012!

Secure your .JP.NET domain today! An exclusive opportunity to secure the .JP.NET domains matching your valuable trademarks before these domains become available to the general public later in the year .JP.NET domains are designed for both local and international companies doing business in Japan, or wishing to gain access to the enormous Japanese consumer market Allow Japanese and International customers and search engines to locate your website easily
JP.NET is restriction free register domains for all your trademarks registered anywhere in the world

Dont miss out!

Join leading Japanese and global brands in securing Japans New Domain for your business today

Open a ticket if you're interested in grabbing your .JP.NET before somebody else registers it.

_______________________________________ www.[商標].JP.NET を今日すぐにご登録ください!


お客様の商標を保護 するとともに、世界第三位の経済大国である日本で事業を拡大するための一度限りの機会をご活用ください。


.JP.NETドメイン名を今日すぐにご登録ください! ドメイン名の一般登録が始まる前に貴重な登録商標に合致する.JP.NETドメイン名を登録する特別な機会です。

お見逃しなく! 国内外の大手企業と同様、事業を拡大するために 日本の新しいドメイン名にご登録ください。

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